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Correct Your Nose with Rhinoplasty in New York City

Rhinoplasty, or a “nose job,” can help improve the proportion of your nose, thus changing the appearance of your nose. This surgery, performed by your cosmetic surgeon, can help to change your nose size and your other facial features. Rhinoplasty NYC can contribute to improving your nose profile, or the visible bumps, humps, or depressions on the bridge of your nose. It can also help change your nasal tip, if it is too large, drooping, or upturned, to the way you desire it to look. Rhinoplasty can help reshape nostrils that are too large, uneven, or wide.

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The best people who are supposed to have the procedure for Rhinoplasty are those who are aged thirteen or older so that their facial growth is complete. You need to be physically healthy before considering having a Rhinoplasty procedure. Smokers are not ideal candidates for this procedure. You need to have realistic goals for your appearance and specific ideas of what you want to see happen with your nose. Any cosmetic procedure should always be done for yourself and not to fulfill other’s desires or interpretations of they think you should look like. Each Rhinoplasty procedure is individualized and should be consulted with your cosmetic surgeon in NYC.

Rhinoplasty is a slow healing procedure. It may take even a year to see the full results of your procedure. After the procedure, you will be on bed rest, with your head raised higher than your chest. This will reduce the bleeding and swelling associated with the procedure. There may be cotton packed inside your nose during the procedure, which, along with swelling, may cause you to be congested. The bandages from the surgery may need to remain in place for up to seven days after your procedure. Your cosmetic surgeon will also tape a splint to your nose, to give it support and protection for up to a week after your surgical procedure.

The procedure not only helps to correct the flaw but also helps to regain lost self-confidence.

1. Many are born with birth defects on the nose that can be unsightly for their overall appearance. This eventually leads to mental agony and inferiority complex. The surgical procedure of Rhinoplasty helps to correct these defects in adults that help them to lead a normal life.
2. In some cases, the nose gets damaged or distorted in an accident or trauma. Therefore, in such cases, rhinoplasty is very helpful in correcting and restoring the original structure of the nose.
3. It is normal for various people to suffer from facial imbalances such as the irregular size of the nose (i.e. Large nose or a small nose or a nose that is not properly placed and is off- Centre). In such cases, this surgical procedure done by an NYC rhinoplasty expert helps to correct the facial imbalance that lends symmetry to the face.
4. Like any other organ in your body, the nose too is a part of the respiratory system and performs the function of respiration, which is vital for our existence. Many people are suffering from breathing difficulties due to the structural problems of the nose, which can interfere with routine activities. Rhinoplasty procedures help to correct the defects of the nose that result in unhindered breathing.
5. One of the biggest advantages of this surgical procedure is that although there is an incision, yet the scars are very light and are placed strategically, where they cannot be identified.

You may also experience swelling and discoloration of your eyes for two to four weeks following your procedure.

When the size, shape, or features of your nose cause your stress, concern, or reduce your self-esteem, talk to your cosmetic surgeon in New York City to see if Rhinoplasty can help you achieve your desired appearance.

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